Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rachel Turned 12

Well, my baby is now 12 years old! We had a nice day yesterday celebrating Rachel's birthday. This is how it went:

We gathered at our usual time (6:30am) to start off the day with family scripture time. After a quick read, Rachel followed the string to find her gifts hidden around the house. She opened her presents which included a purple iPod Nano from her dad, mug from Jennifer, cello CD from Kevin, two little metal cats from mom, big jawbreaker and magnet dog from Jessica, a Chinese yo-yo, a boink, and a Gaia cashcard from Melissa, and some new green quad scriptures. We sat down and enjoyed yummy baked french toast for breakfast, then we were off and running for a typical school day!

That evening we sat down for a Spaghetti dinner- Rachel's favorite. When done, we all got dressed in our Sunday best, got in the car and headed off to the Portland, Oregon Temple.

What a joy to have the whole family together in the temple to do baptisms for our kindred dead. The kids did about 10 names each, and Brian performed the baptisms and confirmations. I especially felt the spirit as Kevin joined the rest of us in the confirmation room. I felt a special warmth and peace at that time. I look forward to being in the temple many times as a family in the future with all of us together. May we all live worthy to do so.

After taking some pictures by the fountain outside, we went to the bookstore where Rachel picked out a scripture bag for her new scriptures. We ended the day back home with chocolate birthday cake.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Brian Turns 49

Brian is another year older. When me and the kids were heading out the door to do birthday shopping, Brian whispered to me, "Get something fun." So instead of buying him a new computer chair, we got him Rock Band. We thought that would be fun! He was definitely surprised when he opened it. Something he totally was not expecting. Because his birthday was to be a busy day (cello lesson, band practice, YW, Family History Library assignment), we celebrated it on Monday the 8th for Family Home Evening. After dinner we opened gifts, then ran upstairs and played Rock Band. This is a game Kevin had been playing all summer long with his friends, so he is a real pro at it. I was impressed that it works well playing together as a family because it will let you choose to play your instrument on what ever level you want, so everyone can play together at their own level. The kids were having a real good time, however I do believe Brian was a little frustrated with it. But he soon remedied that and disappeared downstairs, and when he returned he had his very own real guitar in hand. So he played along doing the real thing! (and he couldn't lose either!) When we got a little un-full from dinner, we enjoyed birthday cake: Fallen Chocolate Souffle, by Jessica. YUM! I think it was a fun evening.
Next year Brian turns 50- we'll need to do a real wowy celebration then!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hi this is Ann and this is my first blog. I thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. So here it goes. . .