Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sidewalk, Arbor, and Birthday Girls

HI Kevin!

We have had sun this week!  Woo HOo!  The sidewalk is finally done.  Here is a picture of the stick figures Jessica and I put on the new slab up by our porch.   Can you guess which one is you?
Dad has had the girls out in the yard cleaning up- The backyard is looking pretty good.  I made new cushions for the swing- hopefully the squirrels won’t rip it apart.  Rachel worked cleaning up the trampoline.  We had to rip off all the foam pads and spring covers cuz it was all rotting.  Bolts all tightened up, legs attached, and net upright again.  She is planning on having friends over this summer and wants it in working condition.  We got the roof lifted on my gazebo/arbor.  Here are some pictures so you can see my creation. I plan on adding a few more screws- the roof is just sitting there.  I plan on the ivy growing over top, and maybe some other climbing plants too.

Crazy girls on the swing.

We have enjoyed FHE out around the fire.  We roasted hotdogs for dinner on Monday.  Rebecca’s mom thought we were silly having a fire on the hottest day of the week!  We enjoyed them anyway- did some woof’ems too.
We had a fun activity for Young Women’s on Tuesday.  We hosted a Newlywed game for the Sr. Citizens/empty nesters of our ward.  The contestants provided us with some great entertainment.  They have even requested to have this activity again next year.
Jessica’s bday was on Thursday. She got a bunch of books (all Jane Austen and also Ella Enchanted). Also a pattern for a dress she wants to make, and an apron pattern that she already sewed.
She had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, ranch chicken for dinner and an ice-cream pie that was melting as we lit the candles!

Jennifer’s birthday was on Saturday.  She told us that she wanted homemade cookies and brownies.  So Jessica baked up a storm- 3 types of cookies:  chocolate chip, snicker doodles, and oatmeal.  Melissa made brownies.  We shipped those to her and also sent her a children’s book with great illustrations that she wanted.  Rachel sent her an artist magnet that she wanted.  And dad gave in and bought her an Appa plushy.  We got one very happy phone call from her when she received that in the mail!

So that has been our week.  It was fun.  Hope you had a great one too.  Our prayers are with you.  Lots of love, MomJ

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

What a wonderful Day!  Jessica made a yummy breakfast: waffles, pancake (yes only one with left over batter for Rachel), and fried eggs.  I got some great new metal spinners from Melissa and Jessica for the backyard. (It’s time to throw out the old ugly worn out ones).  Rachel gave me a nice little card book that she made. I got a nice phone call from Jennifer.  I also got a nice Hallmark from my husband.  Church was very nice.  Two nice talks on how great their moms are by 2 college girls home for the summer (my former Laurels), and 2 talks from some wise sr. men of our ward.  One is 100 years old!  Some great stuff.  The ward was also treated to a sweet song sung by the primary kids.  All the RS sisters were given a box with 3 chocolates in it hand delivered by the YM. YUM.  We came home from church to have the table all set and dinner almost ready- that is one advantage of having Jessica attend the singles ward.  She served us up some great curry.  The highlight of the day was to skype with Elder Kevin Leete.  We were all set up so we could see him on the TV, and Jennifer was logged in too and skyping to Melissa’s account- we had that laptop set up so Jennifer could watch and hear Kevin on the TV.  We all sat on the couch- with the laptop on the coffee table pushed out far enough so we all fit on the screen.  We waited patiently for Kevin to log in at 1. . .however we waited an hour- he appeared at 2.  We had a great time talking and seeing him.  All is good in missionland.  His testimony is strong.  He is working hard.  He is happy.  And we are proud.

One of our mother’s day traditions that I enjoy is to have a mother’s day concert where the kids all perform for me.  Well, earlier this week the kids said that no way was that happening this year.  I was bummed, but had accepted it.  Well, today in the kitchen while Melissa was making brownies- I mentioned that something was missing this year.  She said, “You mean your concert?”  And I said, ”yes”.  She then told me that she had prepared to sing something and that Jessica was going to accompany her.  That brought a smile to my face.  So later after dinner, we gathered in the living room for the little concert (little, cuz there was only going to be one number performed).  To my surprise, as Jessica started playing- I started to recognize the song and was so excited.  Melissa was singing the Knot Fairy!!  She was so cute and sounded wonderful (voice lessons are really paying off).  I was a little thrown off, when the accompaniment sounded different- Jessica had made a new arrangement.  I had to listen to it again to appreciate it and accept the fact that they had made it better.  A big thank you to my lovely daughters for sharing their talent with me.

 It was a very nice mother’s day.  I am very blessed.

Monday, May 7, 2012

From Mom to Kevin

Dear Kevin-

Wow, your mission chart is now half filled in!  Time is flying by. It is hard to believe that you have been in Brazil for a year now. It is so good to hear from you each week and of your hard and dedicated work.  Keep it up and you will continue to be blessed and find happiness in the Lord’s work. You must be a great missionary, if you were able to train your greenie well enough for him to be a trainer!!!!!!   Tell us about your new companion and area.

 This week Rachel had 3 lacrosse games.  Her team is doing very well- they are undefeated!  This is their last week with 2 more games- we’ll see if they can hold on to that title.

 The weather continues to be crazy here- raining, raining, and raining, then a sunny day. We are starting to wonder if they will ever be able to pour the cement where they ripped out our sidewalk.  We call it the moat now, because it is always filled up with water.

Me and Jessica have been working a little on building a structure in the back yard that Jennifer and I started when she was here out of the wood from the 4 trees we cut down in the front.  It is starting to look like something finally- and hopefully with the sun out this week we can finish it.  It is an arbor-gazebo type thing we are building on the cement.  We still have lots of tree branches stacked in the backyard- I’ll have to come up with some more projects to make with them or we will just have lots of firewood to burn this summer!

Rebecca came again for FHE on Monday- and the Elders came too.  Dad gave a nice lesson on one of the general conference talks, sent Rachel off to lacrosse practice, then played some liars dice.  Rebecca and Jessica looked up institute classes, and went to one on Tuesday night.  Jessica looked pretty excited to get out and do some socializing- she’s been home a couple weeks now and getting a little stir crazy.  She has been enjoying cooking and trying out new recipes.  I enjoy her cooking- and her cleaning up the kitchen!  She continues to apply for jobs, but hasn’t had any luck yet.  She has done some babysitting though.  Jessica went to Tanasborne Ward today.  Rebecca wasn’t able to- dinner schedule with her folks didn’t make it possible, but she met up with Jessica later for the CES fireside.  Jessica came home happy- had a good time at the singles ward, then dinner linger longer, then the fireside.  Things should pick up socially as the college students start coming home for the summer.

 The Relief Society had a birthday party on Thursday- They had a Jeopardy game, and I was the host.  It was fun.  They also had a cake decorating contest.  At home when trying to decide what cake to make I dug out all our old kid cake pans.  The girls voted for the Cookie Monster.  So I baked it, Jessica made a giant cookie for him to hold, and did most of the decorating.  It won the most creative.  When I was asked to tell about the cake I told them that I had bought the cake pan for your 1st birthday.  And what a coincidence- it was your mission 1yr bday too!  So here is a picture of your cake:          

HaPpY 1 Year on your Mission!

We thought of you as we ate it.

  Well, Steven W. is now married.  We went to his reception at his parents’ house last night.  He looked good, and Kristi looked very happy.  We enjoyed the refreshments- cake pops (cakes rolled into balls, put on lolly pop sticks and dipped in chocolate). They are quite the rage here now.

Well, that is all I can think of for this week.    Keep up the great work; we continue to pray for your safety, and success. And have faith in you and your new assignment as Zone Leader. You’ll do great.

 Lots of Love,


 PS.  Do you get to call home for Mother’s Day?