Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break: Oregon Coast Aquarium

On Thursday March 25th it looked like rain so we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We saved a few dollars on our entry fee by buying a family yearly pass.

These were the only turtles we saw: Looking and touching the sea life.

The Jellyfish were way cool looking.

We enjoyed the tunnel. Last time we visited was before Keiko the whale- this is what they made out of his tank after they "Freed Willy"Brian enjoyed watching the sharks. We ate our sack lunches in the car, then explored the outside exhibits. We got to see the otters being fed.Kevin got a kick out of this sign at the otter tank.This little Puffin was having way too much fun! (tried and tried to post the video, but our internet service is lame).

In the shark's JAWS

It didn't take us too long to see the whole aquarium- somehow I remember it being much larger when we went before. I guess it is easier to see everything when you aren't pushing a stroller and keeping track of preschoolers! When we were all done, we went back to the beach house and relaxed, played games, watched videos, and ate taco soup. We packed up Friday morning and headed for home. Of course we had to stop in Lincoln city at the Outlet malls and buy some stuff. It was a nice break away from home together as a family, but the kids where happy to be home with their computers, games, TV, homework, and friends.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break- Campfire at the Beach

Wednesday after dinner and hanging out at the Beach house, the kids suggested we go build a fire on the beach. We thought that a good idea, since we expected rain the next day. So we drove the block to Agate Beach with wood, beach chairs, blankets, and goodies, and built a fire. It wasn't quite like being on Avila Beach-a little chilly so we bundled up.We talked with some nice local college guys that were home for the break. They were hauling in pallets for their fire. We made woof'ems. Thank you Uncle David for teaching us how to do these! Scary Brian!

It started to rain. Then started to pour- so we packed up and left. We were in the process of putting out our fire, when another family was arriving- so we turned it over to them. They must have really been die hards to sit out there in the down pour. Even the college kids cleared out.

We had a good time and were glad we went - but it was nice to get back to the house and dry off. It was very convenient to have a washer and dryer so we threw in our jeans so they'd be clean and dry for us in the morning. Kevin said it was quite the storm that night. From his bed in the loft he was woken up several times with the lightening lighting up the house and the rain pelting on the big windows. Melissa and Jessica who were sleeping in the front room- confirmed that.

Spring Break- Newport Bay

After visiting Yaquina Head we headed towards Newport Bay. I desperately wanted to find a glass float hidden on the beach- however they were hidden up the coast closer to Lincoln City, and no one wanted to go scour the beach with me, so I took them to Pyromania Glass Studio instead. We watched the glass blower make three floats. We bought the 3rd one! It needed to be cooled so we would need to pick it the next day.Rachel spent her allowance and bought this float:
Here is the one I got. Isn't it beautiful?! It now sits in my kitchen window.

We drove around the bay and saw all the unique shops. We went to the Yaquina Bay lighthouse. I missed it, and Brian had to point it out to me because it was hidden in the park amongst the trees. The kids had caught the spirit of kite flying, and asked to stop so they could fly kits. So we did. It was a very windy day! I got the box kite up and flying.
The stunt kite was the kids favorite.
Kevin took a turn and was able to dive and loop close to the ground.
The bat kite was a little boring, so they tied it to a log as they dug in the sand.
We had fun, but the wind picked up pretty hard- we had to take them down. The stunt kite took a few too many dives and ended up with a hole in it. We packed up and went back to the house. On the way we decided to eat dinner at Izzy's. It was up on the hill overlooking the beach.

Spring Break- Lighthouse and Tidepools

Wednesday after sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely breakfast, we headed out to explore the Newport Bay Area. First stop: Yaqunia Head Lighthouse.
We visited the visitors center, I bought a pin for my hat, then we checked out the lighthouse. It was a pretty windy day. They had whale watching volunteers posted to help us spot whales, but no luck. The guides explained that the wind was making it hard to see the heart shaped spouts, and too much white caps. The whales where hidden under the swells. None were spotted. We got in line to tour the lighthouse, but decided we didn't want to wait so headed down to the tide pools.

Looking down at the tide pools
Down the stairs and walking the cobble stones. And there were A LOT of cobblestone!!!! Pretty wobbly to walk on.
Pretty landscape.
Kevin explores. . .

And finds a scenic spot.
The tide pools were full of things to see: Sea Anemone


And countless mussels.
Melissa and Rachel stroll.

Rachel and the Lighthouse.
Brian and Jessica enjoy the sights.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break-Agate Beach & Flying Kites

After we unloaded the car, everyone chose their bed, explored the house, then we headed off to the beach (except for Kevin who hung out at the house and listened to Louie Armstrong Cd's). We thought we could enter here at the end of our drive, but found it to be a cliff.So we walked down the road to the state park entrance. I've always had a thing with kites- I think they are so pretty. The kids thought I was a little kite crazy as I picked some up for the trip. I got a spinney box one at Costco, and a bat kite and stunt kite at Fred Meyer. I was ready to buy more, but the kids said that 3 were plenty and that they'd share. We got out the bat kite first and it went up like a piece of cake. Of course they had to decide who got to fly it first!Rachel holds it up for the take off.Yea! It works! Rachel takes a turn.A good shot with the lighthouse in the background.
Now for the stunt kite.

Reading the flight instructions.
Learning to keep it up and then the fun begins!
A stroll on the waterfront. After the girls headed back, Brian and I stuck around to see the sunset, but this was about all we saw. The sun disappeared into the clouds.
Then we joined the kids back at the house and cooked and ate dinner.
It was a nice first day at the beach!