Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Back to School Again!

Well, its off to school again! Jessica is a Senior, Melissa a Sophomore, and Rachel is beginning her last year in middle school as a 8th grader. The other night when Rachel was off getting her schedule and I sat there at the middle school talking with a friend, we counted up my consecutive years at Meadow Park Middle School: 10! And half of those had been with more than one child there. It is the end of an other era. Time flies by, and the kids keep growing up. Two kids in college, two in high school, and the youngest not a little kid anymore. They are all growing up to be wonderful young adults. I am so very, very proud of them!

Rachel ready to head off for the 8:35am bus.
Melissa ready for her Sophmore year.
Jessica eager for her Senior year- one AP paper already written and ready to be turned in.

Jessica gives Melissa and Kalia a ride to school in our new kid car "Ozzy".
Have a Great School Year Kids!!