Saturday, January 23, 2010

50's Dance

On January 23, 2010 Jessica and Melissa went to a Stake Dance that had a 50's theme. Of course they had to dress up!

Jessica wore the skirt we had made her for a YW activity a few years back. With a little coaxing she even wore one of Brian's shirts. I assured her that it was what the girls back then really did. With bright red lipstick and pony tail I think Grandma would even say she looked the part!Since we didn't have easy access to Grandma's closet of costumes and old clothes, Melissa and I found her outfit at the local Goodwill. We found this cute red skirt and white sweater. Put it with a red bandanna, black shirt, ponytail, and red lipstick, and wa-la: 50's!We also found a straight black skirt that her friend wore with a blue belt of mine that I'm sure came from my mom's bag of real 50's belts. Here is Melissa with her two good friends from school that she brought along.
Ready to Rock and Roll!
Well- I just couldn't resist- had to add this picture of me and Alan and my friend Laura as we dressed for 50's day at SLO Jr. High. We are actually wearing some authentic 50's clothes! Me in mom's skirt, petticoat, and cheerleader oxfords, and Laura in her mom's dress!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter BYU Idaho and The Hobbit Hole

After welcoming in the New Year 2010, Brian and I packed up the suburban with Jennifer and Jessica Wiseman and thier stuff and hauled them back to BYU Idaho for Winter Semester. They chose to live off campus this term, and had picked out a place on College Drive. When hunting for a place at the end of Spring term, they were very attracted to a basement apartment becuase it was so cool down there. They also thought it was so cute and were very excited to move into thier new home. Also for Jennifer it was great cuz she can see her art building on campus from thier front yard!

Here we are unloading (no she didn't take rock band with her- just a good box to pack things in!)Heading to thier new pad. The entry is the doorway on the left- down to the basement. Here they stand in the doorway of the Hobbit Hole.

Moving into their bedroom. They chose this room because it had the vanity.

Jennifer will be on the top bunk.

Here is a view into thier kitchen. Notice the arches- this is where the apartment name comes from.

A view into thier eating area.

The kitchen. Off to the right is a living room with couch and tv. Out the back of that room is the laundry they share with the upstairs apartment.

They have 3 rooms- 6 roommates total. Two of thier roommates from last year, Vanessa & Rebecca, were to live here also, but didn't make it this semester. They are missed, but they have been blessed with some other great roommates.

Here is a picture I got off of facebook of some of their family home evening group. Isn't college life fun!