Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July Pictures

Waiting for the neighborhood parade

Still waiting for the neighborhood parade

Westview highschool marching band- well some of them anyway.

Rachel in the front rank

Bar-B-Q dinner under the new arbor

Bring on the food

Thumbs up for Elder Leete!

Celebrating Grandma B's 75th birthday

Yum Cheesecake made by Melissa and Jessica
Wishes to come true
Getting ready to blow

Mother and Son

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July


It’s the 4th of July here! Grandma B and Richard came to visit for a day. You will see the picture of the picnic table, with mom’s handiwork in the background.

We started the day with the ward breakfast. We made eggs again, that seems to be the tradition that’s developing. Get up in the morning, and make 5 dozen scrambled eggs. Then we went to the parade at noon. Rachel marched with the Westview band, and played clarinet. That afternoon we had a barbeque. That’s when the picture was taken. After that Grandma B and Richard had to go, so they missed the fireworks.  The fireworks were great, as they are every year.

Rachel went camping with another family. She had a great time, but was so zonked after the trip she missed church.

Jessica has a job with a family watching a couple of kids. Things are going really well – except one of the kids was playing on the trampoline, and she did some donkey kicks, fell over and broke her arm. Jessica was mortified. It’s not her fault though, there was not much she can do. The child was on the trampoline by themselves, under supervision, and just fell on their arm. She had to call the family, have the parents come home from work, take the child to the hospital, etc. Luckily the family realizes it was an accident and she still has a job J.

Jessica seems to be having a great time at the singles ward. The place is really hopping…. Monday FHE, Tuesday institute (sometimes with an activity afterwards), and usually some other kind of activity during the week. Between her job, odd jobs (tutoring , and watering plants), and the ward she seems pretty active. She is also learning to play the organ, so she goes to practice at the church on a regular basis.

Melissa got her AP scores, 2 3’s and 2 4s. She did really well last year, and we are all proud of her.

Jennifer has 2 weeks left of school and she is out for the summer! We look forward to seeing her for the break. One more semester and we will have a college graduate on our hands. She is posting her work in the art building, and working on her portfolio.

Well, that’s  all for now.

Work hard, baptize lots, do the right things.

We are proud of you.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

YW Camp 2012

Hi Kevin (& Jennifer) -

It was great to get home from camp and read your letter.  You are having some great missionary stories.  Keep up the great work and you will continue to see miracles.

Me , Rachel, and Melissa had a good week at YW camp.  The theme was “Arise and Shine forth that thy light may be a standard to the nations”.  All the cabins were different nations.  I was in Switzerland with 1st years.  Melissa was counselor for 3rd years and their cabin was Japan- she had a lot of decorations and their cabin looked great!

Rachel and the crazy KITS (counselors in training) were Mexico.

It was a full 5 days of fun and spiritually full programs and activities.  We all came home very tired.  It rained hard on us 2 of the days, but that didn’t seem to bother the girls.  We had to adapt some of the activities, but all went well.  We had enough sun that my arms got red when I was out at the fire pit for a cook out lunch and leading the “Great White War” activity one afternoon during free time. 

Rachel got her camp sweatshirt- her camp name is Crayola.  They had a very nice description of her telling of all her good and colorful talents and attributes.  She is happy with her name.

 Melissa dressed up each day in a Japan type of way.

Thursday the Bishoprics came up and we competed in some games as a ward.  We were one of the smallest wards- only 12 of us this year. We got the award for the “wettest”.

Leete Ladies

Each ward did a skit. Requirements were that they needed to contain a beach ball, tutu, a foreign accent, and the phrase ”arise and shine”.  Rachel put together our ward skit:  Beach ball Ballet.  I liked the “swan” pose at the end the best.  Rachel was the class instructor, and Megumi spoke with a aggy accent. It was well received.  Here is a clip of the ending:

It was a great week, but I was happy to come home to my own soft bed, and shower, and bathroom! Dad took us out to dinner, and we laid around all day Saturday.  I am still tiered today. 

It is 4th of July this week.  Grandma B and Granddad are in Seaside and will join us for the festivities- so I guess I will spend Monday getting all our camp gear put away and cleaning up.

Hope you had a great week too.

Love you lots!