Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Firstborn in the wilderness is now 20 years old.

Jennifer celebrated her birthday on May 19th, 2010. She isn't my baby anymore. Wow, she is not a teenager anymore. She has grown up to be a beautiful woman. Where has the time gone?

We sent her a birthday box and she reported that it arrived that morning. She was heading off to class and found it on her doorstep. She said that she had a hard time going to class and leaving it there- but instead of going to the library to do homework like she had planned to do, she went home after class and opened it up. I found a message on our home phone from her saying that she loved all its contents (and her roommate Jessica in the background also cheering that she liked it too). Some things that were included: 3 musketeer bars (from Melissa), canvas and frame (from Rachel), Poky sticks, Instant Miso soup, Curry mix, angel food cake mix, cherry cheesecake mix, necklace, and cookbook. When talking on the phone with her later that day, she informed us that friends were coming over that night for fun and games.

Happy Birthday Jennifer. We love you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jessica turns 17

On May 17th Jessica celebrated her 17th birthday.We had a quick scripture time at 6:15am and then got right into the gifts. She got some pretty things: necklace, earrings, and scarf. A Snuggie (a fake one- but much nicer color and softer!)She also received a keyboard notepad and a female beta fish (from Rachel). In the mail she received a Book of Mormon in French from Jennifer, and card and $ from Grandma & Grandpa Greenall.What a Beautiful Young Woman!!!!!We had baked French Toast for breakfast.She was surprised to get a bunch of balloons from Kevin tied to her chair in Symphonic Band when she got to class. Melissa took her to Jamba Juice after school. Later in the day she received a package from Grandma B and Granddad: A nice tote bag which she now uses to carry her piano music. For dinner we had her choice of Chicken Broccoli Casserole. And Chocolate Cake (made from scratch) with Sea Foam Frosting. Served with Cherry Chip and Mint and Chip Ice cream. YUM!Lighting the 17 candles. . .
Blown all out in one swoop.Rachel contemplates which piece she'll get. Kevin and his nice short hair. He was giving himself a buzz and asked me to touch up the back for him- oops the comb had fallen off the buzzers and I gave him a nice stripe up the back. He said not to worry about it and cut the rest to match.
It was a Happy Day for Jessica.