Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Nativity

We had a fun FHE on December 14th, 2009. We acted out the Christmas Story with the Elders, Liz, Robert, Eve, and the Websters. So much fun! Here are pictures to tell the story:

Here Samuel the Lamanite (Elder Stanley) preaches on the Wall. Rocks (sock balls) and arrows where shot at him, but everyone missed!Nephi (Ben) prays to know when the sign would be given and was told it would be the next day. Here he sees the sign!Joseph (Xander) takes Mary (Rachel) on a donkey(Ben) to Bethlehem for the tax.No room in the Inn so they settle for the stable.Mary gives birth to baby Jesus and wraps him and lays him in a manger.An angel (Robert) appears to the shepherds (Jennifer and I).He tells us not to be afraid, that he has brought glad tiding of great joy! A horse turned shepherd (Eliza) helps tend the sheep.
Shepherds visit the baby Jesus and sing a song.
Eve joins Jessica at the piano. We sang Christmas carols for each scene.Elder Stanley plays with a lost sheep.
The 3 Wisemen (Elder Burrows, Wendy, & Kevin) follow the new star. They stop to talk with King Herod.
King Herod (Elizabeth) says to tell him where they find this new king so that he can come worship him too!More singing as the kings worship baby Jesus.
Kevin and Eliza.

That was it. So much fun!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh Chirstmas Tree

On Saturday November 28th we headed out to Christmas Mountain in search for our perfect tree. Unfortunately Jennifer had to work and didn't get to come with us. It was one of our fastest trips yet. I don't know if it was because we had nice weather, or because the kids weren't being so picky, or because we just found it fast! Anyway, we enjoyed some hot coco and then boarded on the tracker trailer and headed up to the tall trees. This is the one we chose- a fine noble. We named him "Charles". He is very well build and shaped! Not too tall, not too short, and bushy just the way we like it!

Rachel enjoys flicking the little tiny tree top- one of Charles's neighbors.

Jessica and the measuring pole. Notice the lovely scarf she is wearing. It is the Westview choir scarf for the year. At the choir retreat a couple of weeks earlier they did an activity that involved yarn. Jessica volunteered to take it home and crochet it into the scarf. It will be passed around each week. She was given it first and got it for the long weekend.

Taking is the beautiful view from the top of Christmas Mountain.Kevin said that it wasn't fair that he had to lay in the mud every year and cut down the tree.

Melissa volunteers to cut down the tree and gets to work.

Hauling the tree to the road for a pick up.Loading Charles onto the trailer. We had to stop at Mistletoe Lane for this photo. Mistletoe is one of Melissa's nicknames.

Waiting for Charles to be shook and bailed.

He looks so small now!

Here we go! It was a nice, cold, but sunny day for a tree hunt. Charles is now in the front room waiting to be decorated.