Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look Out, There are now 5 Teenagers in the House!

Rachel turned 13 on Saturday. She was a good sport, and got up early to celebrate before the 3 high-schoolers headed off to their first band competition. She followed the string to find her gifts.She found 3 Warrior Books, cake cookbook, fondant decorating supplies, a tiny little spatula from Kevin, a tiny little painting on a tiny little easel by Jennifer, and a nap sack. She got a Betta fish from Jess & Mel - Rachel named him Lorenzo.She also recieved a bonsai tree. (Can you tell that Rachel loves little miniature things?) We had baked french toast for breakfast. Rachel and I spent the day at the Band Competition, taking a break to go out to Linner with Dad, and Jennifer at Red Robin. Later that night her friends surprised her with warm chocolate chip cookies. She also spent some time with her buddy Angela that evening.

Sunday we had her favorite dinner: Spaghetti, and she made her own birthday cake: chocolate with cream cheese frosting and homemade fondant. It was fun to have the Websters join us- we also celebrated Wendy's birthday.Here we are making some music.I believe Rachel had a good birthday! WE LOVE YOU RACHEL!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brian Had a Birthday

Well, this was the big year for Brian- he turned 50 years old! So of course we had to throw him a party! It was a busy back to school week with marching band practices, lessons, and Mutual for the kids, so Thursday was the only day we had that we were all home. We invited a lot of friends and were happy for those that were able to make it on such a busy night. (I counted about 50)

The kids and I decided to celebrate Brian and things that he likes.

Here is the questionare we had for the party guests to answer (the answers were found around the house by way of displays and posters.) Can you answer them?

What is Brian’s birthday?
Where was Brian Born?
What stories did Brian’s mom read to him as a kid?
What kind of pets did Brian have growing up?
What year did he graduate from High School?
Where did he serve his mission?
Where did Brian attend college?
What was his degree?
Where was Brian’s first job after graduation?
Where does Brian work, and what does he do?
What companies has Brian worked for?
What does Brian do in his spare time?
What are some of Brian’s favorite colors?
Where are places Brian has lived?
Where are places Brian has traveled to?
What are some of Brian’s favorite books?
What are some of Brain’s hobbies/sports?
What instrument does Brian play?
What is Brian’s favorite candy Bar?
What are some of Brian’s favorite foods?
When did Brian get married?
How many guitars does Brian have?

How many children does Brian have?

We had a slide show going on the TV containing baby pictures, school pictures, and birthday pictures.
Somethings we had on display were: yearbooks, photo albums, Pooh Stuffed toys, Rocks, mission survieniers, guitars, work awards and posters, favorite books, motorcycle helmet, ropes, and family history. On our maps we marked all the places that he has lived, worked, or visited.
At about 7:30 we crowned Brian, and he blew out the candles on his cake.He isn't over the hill- Brian is:

Rachel wanted to design and decorate the cake. It took 8 cake mixes, and 5 batches of frosting. But it was yummy!She wanted it to show what her dad likes- so it had a Cave, snoopy riding a Motorcycle, Winnie the Pooh and freinds, a laptop, music notes, Gummy Worms, and of course Brian himself Rock Climbing up the back of the cake! It was yummy Devils food, with cream cheese frosting filling, and chocolate buttercream frosting. We found the chocolate rocks at Winco and were happy to find they tasted as good as they looked.
Some of his other favorites that we served: French Vanila ice cream, Kit Kat Bars, Mug Rootbeer, Black Cherry Soda, and Togos Roast Beef Sandwiches.
Here are some of Brian-isms that we posted around the house:
"If it ain't chocolate, don't bother"
"Picky Eaters go hungry"
"Take what you can eat, and eat what you take."

"One person talks at a time. No one person talks all the time."
"Repeat after me. . . Let us quote scripture: 'Thou shalt not suffer thy children to fight and quarrel one with another.'"

Here are some of the cards that he recieved:
This is what it looked like after the party was over:I think Brian had a good time. My only regret is that I didn't take pictures of our guests.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back to School 2009-10

The new school year for us has finally begun! Here are the kids going off to their first day of classes on September 8th, 2009:
Kevin is now a Senior!

Jessica is a Junior!
Melissa is now a
Freshman in High School!
The High Schoolers load up the Mormon assault vehicle (as it is lovingly called by the kids). Notice the new paint job that Kevin and his church and band buddies gave it. No more rust!
Rachel is now a 7th Grader.
Here she is sporting her cute hat and tie that she got at the band garage sale. She couldn't wear the hat to school (no hat rule), and her tie was later covered up by her sweatshirt.
Here is what she looked like going out the door to the bus stop.

Have FUN at School kids!
P.S. Just so you know, Jennifer is home too- just sleeping in. She has enrolled in a Painting Class and a Drawing Class at Portland Community College for the fall Semester. I'll try to get a picture of her first day too which is Sept. 21

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer has Come and Gone

Wow, I can't believe that I haven't blogged since May!

The School year ended with lots of concerts and recitals, the Rose Parade, and Lizzy Graduating. Summer jumped right in with Young Women's Camp for Jessica, Melissa, and Rachel; 11 yr Scout camp for Brian; Jessica getting her drivers licence; Kevin going to High Adventure; Jessica going on High Adventure; and Jennifer finishing up her spring semester at BYU Idaho and joining us at the Greenall Family Reunion! That all happened in June and July. August we breathed, laid around, Kevin worked on his Eagle Project, then Band Camp Started and we are now Back to School! 3 kids in High School and Marching Band. Rachel at Meadow Park Middle School in 7th grade, and Jennifer is home and enrolled in a few art classes at PCC, house sitting/pet sitting here and there and looking for a job. I was released as the RS Secretary a few weeks ago, and am now the 1st Counselor in the YW working with the Mia Maids. Life goes on. Here is some snap shots of some of our activities:

Symphonic Band plays for last concert of the season. Kevin on the Horn, and Jessica on the Saxophone.
Kevin sings in Concert Choir
Jessica sings Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. She also played a piano solo for "A little Night Music" the concert that took place right after the Choir Awards Concert.
Rachel Plays cello with her teacher

Lizzy graduated from High School carrying her daughter Eve. Congratulations Elizabeth! We are so proud of you for sticking with it and graduating.

Cedar Mill Stake YW Camp: Fit For His Kingdom - Boot Camp 2009
Jessica was 1st yr Counselor. Her cabin group was the Boogie Woogie Bugle Babes of company B.
Melissa was in the 3rd year cabin: Candy Stripers.Rachel was a 1st year. Her cabin was the GI JanesSisters on Bishopric Day in Oak Hills Ward OrangeRachel and her buddies Kevin High AdventureA Day at the Beach. We went to meet some friends for a bonfire to burn homework- we couldn't find them- the tide had come up and they had to leave. By the time we got there the tide had gone down. We weren't able to build a fire because we didn't bring any matches, but Rachel, Melissa, Brian and I enjoyed the scenery. Rachel and Melissa even drove the suburban!4th of July- Look we had Cousins move into town!!!! We are so happy to have Wendy, Ben, Xander, and Eliza Webster so close by!Kevin and buddies march in the 4th parade to help raise awareness for his Eagle Project: Raising money and building a percussion rack for the Westveiw Marching band.Melissa and Keturah wait in line for the opening of the latest Harry Potter Movie.We enjoyed Shakespeare in the Park two times this summer- King Lear and A Midsummer's Night Dream.The Greenall Family Reunion was a BLAST! It was at Coram Ranch by the Shasta Dam. We tie died t-shirts, had a talent show, scrapbooked, played Foosball , pool, & ping-pong, did water games in the pool, road motorcycles, built boats for a challenge, went thru Shasta Caves, floated down the Sacramento River, toured the dam, relaxed, ate great food, and enjoyed being together. The cousins had a blast together. We were even all here together for about 10 minutes so we could take this group picture (Julia was leaving for work, and Jennifer had just arrived from BYU I!)Melissa played the national anthem for one of her swim meets.Melissa and Rachel swam with the swim team this year. Melissa helped out with a younger group for one of her Personal Progress Projects. Here they are at the team tie breaker meet.Kevin made a couple of trips to the beach with his friends. He also had band buddies over to sand the rust off of the van and paint it!Time for Band Camp to start- lugging Melissa's Sousaphone down the stairs to the van.Rachel and her friends go ice skating for one last fun summer activity. So that was our Summer!