Sunday, June 17, 2012

School's Over

Hello Elder Kevin,

I hope you had a great week. Things are moving right along here. Melissa and Rachel finished school on Wednesday, and Jessica ended her vacation and started her nanny job on Thursday.  Friday Rachel had some friends over for a party.  They went swimming at the pool, then came home and dad barbqed them some hamburgers and hotdogs. They hung out in the backyard and made some woof’ems.  I think they had a good time. 

Saturday I got to go to a 16 stake YW leadership training.  Sis Dibb from the YW general presidency was here. ( She is also Pres. Monson’s daughter.)   She had a lot of good things to teach us.  I liked the 100% challenge.  P.R.O.S. 

Pray-every morning and night.

Read the scriptures (preferably the Book of Mormon) 5 minutes every day.

 Obey the commandments and all the Standards from the For Strength of Youth. 


If we do these things 100% we can be strong and be able to have a testimony every day and will be prepared for challenges we may face each day.

I got to hear her speak again that evening with the girls at a 16 stake yw fireside.  I liked a quote she shared from her dad that she said probably won’t ever get said at general conference:  “You can’t be weak kneed”  meaning we can’t collapse under pressure but need to have a strong testimony so we can stand on our own when temptations come.

Saturday afternoon we went to a concert that was held at Skyview HS. It was the Portland Ensign Choir and Orchestra.  They had a guest violinist Jenny Oaks Baker (pres. Oaks daughter, and Julliard graduate, and grammy nominated).  They performed music from movies, and some of the arrangements of Disney movies from her latest CD “Once Upon a Dream” The concert was well done- She was amazing! 

Today was Father’s day.  Dad didn’t have any meetings so we were able to make him a special breakfast.  He requested Scones so that is what we had.  When we got home from church, Jessica had the table all set for dinner, which was almost done.  Roast Beef, green salad, asparagus, potatoes, gravy, watermelon, and Costco chocolate cake.  We were all full but ate the cake anyway.  When we asked what dad wanted to do for father’s day, he said, “make some noise” so that is what we did;  Jessica on piano, Melissa on violin, and dad on guitar.  They played some Journey, Disney, and Phantom of the Opera.  I joined in for the Disney songs on flute and even a little piccolo.  It was fun.  Rachel disappeared.- I think she was skyping with friends.

Do they celebrate Father’s Day in Brazil?

Let’s see what other stuff we’ve done this week:  Rebecca came for FHE. Dad taught about patriarchal blessings.   Melissa played tuba at the WV Graduation.  We had smoothies for mutual to take a break from finals.  Jessica and Rebecca went to institute and bowling afterwards with the class- a weekly activity.  Rachel has her permit.  She drove us to church today and we got there in one piece.  I built another smaller arbor for the roses to climb on by the fence.  It hasn’t rained for a day or two.  We have a free week before Melissa, Rachel and I go to YW camp.  This week will be spent prepping for that.  Melissa’s cabin is JAPAN and is doing some fun decorations.  To go with the Mutual them this year each cabin will be a different country.

It is good to hear that you are enjoying your companion and that you are busy working hard.  Keep up the good work.  We love you lots and pray for you daily.  Many from the ward ask about you and we tell them you are doing great.  They send their well wishes too.

Love you lots!

MomJ and co.

For you viewing pleasure: “Making some Noise” 

( I made them pose for this picture because every one I took had someone’s face blocked.  That is why they are smirking.)