Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School



There are some interesting things going on over at Westview High School with all the budget cuts and teacher layoffs in the school district- some of the classes have over 50 students- with two rooms opened up together and some students not even having desks to sit in.  Melissa got in a Lit & comp 12 class (she didn't get her choice of class and still needed another lit to graduate). Her teacher was a Librarian and had them all write their names on Popsicle sticks for him to draw out of a cup to ask questions.  It reminds her of Primary.  She got asked the question:  “What is plagiarism?”  She is having a hard time dealing with this class- hopefully she will survive- not at all like the AP classes she’s been taking.  Many kids didn't get their choice of classes, and there has been a lot of schedule mess ups- one kid got two periods of seminary, and AP music- which he didn't sign up for, and others that wanted it  didn't get in. Oh the drama of high school and low budgets…  I've heard good things about the new band teacher- Rachel says he is adjusting to teaching High school as opposed to Middle school.  It is weird not having a family member in marching band this year.  More free time after school and on Saturdays.
Jennifer headed off to Rexburg  for her last semester at BYU-I.  She has a great line up of art classes, and is excited for her art field trip in October to Washington DC.  Can you believe she will be a college graduate in December?

Jessica is settling in to her new semester at BYU Provo now finishing up her second week.  She texted us a picture of her 3rd row seat in the end zone at the football game.  She said she got a great show from Cosmo, however the game was long and a little boring (not quite the same as with a sax in hand I guess).

The house is quiet during the days now as the fall schedule settles in. Kind of nice:-)